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“Mentoring Young Men” of Augusta, Ga.

Mission Statement:

Mentoring Young Men is an organization dedicated to the development of young men in Augusta, Ga. as well as surrounding counties. Since its inception in 2022, we have created a unique program designed to support the personal development of leadership and life skills of boys ages 8 to 18 years old.

Our tagline, “Catch a kid Before the System Does” is integral to our mission, as we have a passion for facilitation of preventative measures that shields young men of diverse ethnical identities from the school to prison pipeline.

We seek your support in creating community partnerships and programming that keeps young men engaged in activities, protecting them from the premature exposures to drugs, gang violence and negative influences that could impact the trajectory of their future.

Our “why” is deeply rooted in our founder’s commitment to be the leader for others that he never had.

Hurl Steward, 44, is an example of what it means to become a positive product of a broken past. As a mentor, Pastor of a church (Victory Chapel of Augusta, Ga.), a father and husband, he dedicates his life and work to modeling manhood for boys who don’t know what it is to have a father figure in their lives, homes, schools and neighborhoods.

As part of MYM’s mentorship model, we infuse practices that include character development, attentiveness to one’s personal appearance, civic and social responsibilities, and peer to peer leadership.

Mentoring Young Men is designed to lead in a way that has lasting impact for supporting children and building strong families. We aid parents with skills and tools to deepen engagement at home, and promote the development of mending broken relationships or cultivating healthier ones.

We are asking your support to sustain this program with resources such as funding and gifts in kind to donate to this cause. In advance, we appreciate any support that you can give. Our parent non-profit, United Community Outreach is a fiscal sponsor of the MYM venture. Any donations or gifts in kind are tax-deductible.

In advance, we appreciate your support and look forward to partnering with you for the advancement of our work and mission. Please inquire further about how we may partner in a future joint effort to strengthen the communities we share.

Best regards,

Mentoring Young Men

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