We Mentor Young Men

“Catch a kid Before the System Does”


“Mentoring Young Men” of Augusta, Ga.

Mentoring Young Men is an organization dedicated to the development of young men in Augusta, Ga. as well as surrounding counties. Since its inception in 2022, we have created a unique program designed to support the personal development of leadership and life skills of boys ages 8 to 18 years old.


For Ages 8 – 18


About Us

As part of MYM’s mentorship model, we infuse practices that include character development, attentiveness to one’s personal appearance, civic and social responsibilities, and peer to peer leadership.

Mentoring Young Men is designed to lead in a way that has lasting impact for supporting children and building strong families. We aid parents with skills and tools to deepen engagement at home, and promote the development of mending broken relationships or cultivating healthier ones.

Empower Young Men

Our program is designed to empower young men by building lasting relationships and instilling core principles in them that will equip them to overcome any obstacles and have a successful future.

MYM Requirements and Criteria

  1. MEETING ATTENDANCE – Each mentee is required to be present at the bi-weekly young men’s classes as they are scheduled. Parents are strongly recommended to be present as well. If the mentee does not attend the meetings; they will not be allowed to go on the outings for the month
  2.  ACADEMIC PROGRESS EXCELLENCE – Each menteee is expected to have an average of a 80 GPA. The goal is to earn the best grades as possible. Those who apply themselves will be rewarded.
  3. FAMILY LIFE VALUES – Each mentee must be obeying their parents at home. They must perform their household duties including cleaning their room daily as well as other chores around the house as their parents request them to.
  4. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT – Each mentee will be required to attend at least one church service a week at Victory Chapel Christian Fellowship Church. There are three services throughout the week. Mentee can attend the Sunday morning service (11am to 12noon) Sunday evening (6pm to 7pm), or Wednesday night service (7:30pm to 8:30pm)… Our goal is to produce well rounded young men and to give them a solid foundation in which they can build their lives upon.

What Our Young Men Say